Affordable Housing Law in New York City

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Affordable Housing pic

Affordable Housing

As president of the Lantern Organization, Timothy Galloway leads the development of affordable housing units. Timothy “T. Eric” Galloway has to date overseen the building of more than 1,200 such units.

In early 2016, Mayor Bill de Blaso brought a new affordable housing law to city legislation. In late March, the City Council approved two zoning plans targeted at ensuring more available apartments for lower-income residents. The first requires developers to include a number of affordable units in all projects that require city approval, and the second approves the construction of buildings with more floors and fewer required parking spaces.

Under the new law, developers must abide by one of four options, one of which requires developers to reserve 20 percent of new build units for households of three persons currently earning 40 percent of median income, or $31,000. Income for these units would be $775 per month.

Affordability benchmarks range from this low mark of 40 percent to an upper limit of 115 percent, or $89,000 for a household of three. Depending on the particular benchmark, set-aside percentages could be as many as 30 percent of new units, which can be on-site or at an alternative location. These rules serve as a step toward de Blaso’s goal of reserving or constructing 200,000 affordable housing units by the year 2025.


The Galvan Community Center in Hudson

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Galvan Armory


With a background as an attorney specializing in finance, T. (Timothy) Eric Galloway founded the Lantern Organization, which focused on developing low-income housing for New Yorkers. In 2012, Timothy Galloway and Henry van Ameringen started the Galvan Foundation, an organization that provides grants to various charitable organizations in Hudson, New York.

In addition, the Galvan Foundation has been working to convert the city’s Hudson Armory Building into the Galvan Community Center. The building, which is under review to receive a National Register of Historic Places listing, was built in 1898 and was occupied in the 1960s by the New York Army National Guard.

The Vincent Benic Architect firm will oversee the conversion of the medieval gothic three-story building into a library, a senior center, classrooms, and low-cost rental space for community groups. This project is an excellent example of the purpose of the Galvan Foundation: improving the quality of life for the people of Hudson by providing services to those in need as well as preserving and protecting the culture and history of Hudson.

Galvan Foundation Uses Architectural Reconstruction to Improve Lives


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Galvan Foundation

T. Eric Galloway serves as the president of the Lantern Organization and Lantern Community Services in New York. In addition, Timothy Galloway cofounded the Galvan Charitable Trust and Galvan Initiatives Foundation, more commonly known as the Galvan Foundation, with Henry van Ameringen.

Much like the Lantern Organization, which addresses homelessness and social concerns by providing a combination of low-cost housing and on-site social services, the Galvan Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for Hudson residents in need.

The Galvan Foundation has a grant program that provides financial support to charitable institutions in the Hudson area. Moreover, the foundation focuses on architectural preservation and conservation. Under the supervision of Timothy Galloway, the historic Hudson Armory building was restored and turned into the Galvan Community Center, which houses the new, 12,000-square-foot Hudson Area Library and the offices of the foundation.

In addition, the Galvan Foundation promotes social services, infill housing, culture and arts, and job opportunities for anyone who needs it.

The Campaign to Move the Hudson Area Library


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Hudson Area Library

In addition to his professional responsibilities as president of Lantern Organization in New York City, T. Eric Galloway is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents of Hudson, New York, as the cofounder and president of the Galvan Charitable Trust and Galvan Initiatives Foundation. Under T. Eric Galloway’s direction, the Galvan Foundation has recently restored the historic Hudson Armory building to create the Galvan Community Center (GCC).

A primary occupant of the new GCC is the Hudson Area Library. It occupies 12,000 square feet of space that formerly served as a drill hall for the New York State Army National Guard.

Although the Galvan Foundation earmarked millions of dollars to renovate this space and offered the Hudson Area Library a generous 30-year lease at the cost of $1 per month, the Library was responsible for supplying the necessary fixtures, furniture, and equipment to bring the new space to life as a library. To accomplish this task, the Library mounted a capital campaign with a financial goal of $2 million. This capital campaign included events, such as the Raise the Roof gala, which encouraged patrons to invest in specific key elements of the new Library space, such as its Preschool Early Literacy Station.

The Hudson Area Library made a successful transition to the GCC in 2015. Its former location, at 400 State Street, now houses the offices of the Galvan Foundation.

The Historic City of Hudson, New York


Hudson pic


Also known as T. Eric Galloway, Timothy Galloway began his career as an attorney after graduating from Harvard Law School, then developed affordable housing for low-income families with Lantern Organization. Now overseeing the Galvan Foundation in Hudson, New York, Timothy Galloway co-founded the nonprofit with the aim of improving quality of life for all Hudson residents.

Hudson, the first chartered city in the United States, is located in New York’s Columbia County. Two hours from New York City and situated right on the Hudson River, the town boasts 10 miles of historic streets. Visitors can take a walking tour of the city, which features over 300 historic buildings, many dating back to the 18th century. The scenic waterfront and lighthouse provide more sightseeing opportunities, while stylish inns and traditional bed and breakfasts welcome visitors with friendly and comfortable accommodations.

The small city has a big feel, with plenty of restaurants, pubs, and well-curated boutiques. A vibrant arts scene flourishes, featuring several live performance spaces, museums, art galleries, and more.

Galvan Initiatives Foundation Converts Armory into Community Center

Galvan Armory pic

Galvan Armory

Cofounded by Lantern Organization president Timothy Galloway, the Galvan Initiatives Foundation focuses on improving and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Hudson, New York. Since its establishment by Timothy Galloway, the foundation has managed a grant-making program, in addition to participating in architectural preservation and conservation initiatives. Under T. Eric Galloway’s leadership, the Lantern Organization is currently involved in the renovation and conversion of the Galvan Armory into a multipurpose building.

Constructed in 1898, the Galvan Armory is a three-story medieval gothic-style building that served as a base for the New York State Army National Guard until the 1960s. Renovations will convert the armory into a space for the new Hudson Area Association Library and the Hudson Senior Center. In addition, the armory’s third floor will serve as the headquarters for the Perfect Ten Program, an after-school and out-of-school program for girls in the Hudson area with high potential.

Perfect Ten founder Paula Forman released further plans for the attic floor, which she intends to lease for use by girls within the program. She hopes the space will serve as an ideal place for activities such as reading, drama, and other low-light activities.

The Galvan Foundation plans to provide over $6.6 million toward the project’s total cost. In August 2014, the foundation announced it would receive $3.4 million from the U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corp. in order to support the project. The city of Hudson and the Hudson Area Association Library will provide additional funds for furnishing. Dubbed the Galvan Community Center, the building is estimated for completed in July 2015.

Enabling Success through the Hudson Investments in Youth Initiative

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As president of the Lantern Organization, a nonprofit founded to strengthen New York communities, T. Eric Galloway has taken an active role in improving quality of life among vulnerable populations and providing equitable opportunities to at-risk children. Building off of the business philosophy of the Lantern Organization, T. Eric Galloway cofounded the Galvan Foundation in 2012, which has been a major contributor to the Investments in Youth initiative.

Originating as Youth Appreciation Day (YAD), the Investments in Youth fund arose out of a partnership between YAD organizers and the Hudson Youth Center. The program was formed in 2005 to provide academic and character-enrichment opportunities for underserved youth. Since that time, it has been met with significant success.

In collaboration with the Hudson City School District, the program offers several scholarships to college-bound high school students and continues to sponsor a variety of events, including field trips, youth sports, a weeklong arts-and-crafts camp at Bard College, and the Children’s Book Festival.